Greg Orth

Always wanting to do things a little different, Greg Orth, President and Owner of Craft Tastings, is no exception. While attending Bloomsburg University, Greg fell in love with craft beer at a local spot called Russell’s, which had a craft beer tasting every semester highlighting the flavors and all the glory beer had to offer.  It was really the only time he could afford to drink such good beer on poor college kids budget. 

Post college, Greg landed a job with The Hershey Company, which is where his knowledge and affinity for chocolate came into play. Then one fateful night, while socializing with friends, he ended up drinking some craft beer while at the same time eating chocolate – and the light bulb went off!  The resulting flavors were amazing. 

Greg shared his new found knowledge with friends and they too agreed with the flavorful glory of pairing craft beer with chocolate (or what we like to call a ‘mouthgasm’).  And the rest, as they say…is history.  Delicious, flavorful, mouth- pleasing history.