Chef Federica Continanza

I grew up around the kitchen table, where as a child I enjoyed working with the pastry board to knead my first creations and to discover the flavors of tradition. Time, the passion for food of every culture and the desire to experiment led me to transform my creativity into recipes and become a professional chef.

I worked in many restaurants around Italy as a personal chef, savoring and studying the culinary traditions of every place. Over the course of my life, I approached the vegan cuisine and recipes for food intolerances with particular sensitivity, making them integral elements in my kitchen.

Combining traditional and contemporary pleasures, I create remise en forme for those places that want to renew their culinary image, like the historic Florentine restaurant where I currently work. I have always loved creating sensory experiences related to the world of food for all ages. I am also currently a teacher at an Apab training institute.

My most creative and rewarding form of expression is the traditional cuisine made as it once was…by hand, combined with a touch of originality and revisitation. My dishes tell a story, my life.