Chef Tye Hall

Philadelphia born and raised Chef Tye Hall has had a passion for cooking since the age of 8 when she started cooking with her Nana. She didn’t start off with becoming a chef. In fact, after high school, she went into the Army and served her country. After her tours were done she stayed in her profession and became an LPN. It wasn’t until she lost her beloved Nana that she hung up her stethoscope and picked up a knife and went to work in the kitchen.

When asked why, she will say “Cooking saved her life.” With the loss of her Nana, PTSD set in and almost took over when she was given her Nana’s handwritten recipes to help her cope. This would start a new chapter for her and reignite her love for food. She would go back to school to earn an Associate’s Degree in pasty and culinary skills, as well as a Bachelors Degree in hotel and restaurant management.

Chef Tye has a niche for international food, possibly due to her past of traveling with the Army for several years. Since she became a full-time chef, she has cooked for quite a few celebrities as well as cooked for the Washington Redskins while they are in Virginia for training camp.

She has served our country, has been a servant in healthcare, and now both her and her husband Reggie, the co-owner of T&R Catering LLC, are serving up delicious comfort foods that are designed to take you to on a trip around the world.