Chef Steven Meese

Steven Meese is a Greek-American chef and TV personality. He is best known for his avant-garde and progressive approach to new Mediterranean cuisine.

His love of food was infused into him through his passionate Greek family, where he spent his early childhood in Ioannina, Greece, surrounded by beautiful scenic mountains, river, and lakes.

Full of life and passion for everything he does, Chef Meese’s cooking comes from the deepest part of his soul, inspired by his many experiences and travels around the world. Like his playful, eccentric and quirky personality, his approach to cuisine is the same, while his style and technique are visually stunning.

Chef Meese has trained under some of the best Michelin and James Beard chefs in the world, refining his craft and finding his true identity and style in the culinary world.

Chef Meese has displayed his world-class talent at prestigious James Beard Dinners and some of the largest culinary food and wine shows, including the New York City Food & Wine Festival, Charleston Food & Wine, and Euphoria.

He has made numerous television appearances including, PBS network’s, “A Chef’s Journey”, the CBS hit show “We Are Austin”, NBC’s “Kansas City Live” and ABC’s “Full Plate”. Throughout his career, Chef Meese has cooked for many entertainment and sports celebrities, including a President and a Governor.

Chef Messe is currently touring the country at select Food and Wine shows, as well as with his dinner series, “Game and Grapes”: a unique pairing of some of the most talented chefs in the world, and winemakers, for an unforgettable dining experience.

He resides in Austin, TX.

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