Chef Stephen Cromwell

Chef Stephen Cromwell’s love for culinary arts began at a very young age. Cooking has always been a part of his family tradition, which was taught at a very young age. Stephen’s grandmother was a very excellent cook who loved to teach her children and grandchildren old family recipes. Stephen would spend a lot of his time studying and watching his grandmother prepare many unique meals from scratch.

At the age of sixteen, Stephen started his first job as a dishwasher at a local Restaurant, this was the moment that his passion for the restaurant business began. He was promoted quickly due to unwavering work ethic and was soon given responsibilities of food preparation duties and titled a line cook. After working and building his experience through various positions in the culinary field, Stephen decided to further his education and culinary skills by enrolling in JNA Institute for Culinary Arts, where he received his Associate Degree in Science and Culinary Arts.

Chef Cromwell strives to create unique and intriguing dishes that will leave a lasting impression on the culinary world. Stephen’s lifelong dream is to establish his own business as a restaurateur and to start a youth organization that would give under- privileged children the chance to learn the beauty of Culinary Arts.