Chef Kiesha Colbert

I’m Chef Kiesha Colbert. Born in New York , I have always been passionate about good food.  My previous career of nearly twenty years, as a social worker in the field of foster care and adoption, also made me passionate about taking care of people.

While I am not a classically-trained, professional chef, I have been blessed with the tremendous gift of being able to combine my two life-long passions to do something I love: take care of people with good food.

My approach to food is bold and adventurous. I combine great ingredients and great cuisines from my three favorite areas: grandma’s kitchen, the backyard BBQ pit, and the taste of the Caribbean. All with a punch of bold flavors and a down home feel. The result is a healthful, gourmet cuisine with a bit of a kick and a memory of granny’s kitchen, family events, and oh, that great Caribbean vacation.