Chef Karen Tucker

Karen has been one who desires to bake treats with a twist.  She is a home-based baker and specialized treat designer.  She was born and raised in Coatesville, Pennsylvania and still resides there. She is one who is self-taught in her area of specialty. 

Karen has been creating various treats for ten years. Prior to her baking, she was a teacher.  While teaching she would also teach students the basic skills of cooking and baking.  Karen is typically known as “Cake Pops by KT” as this is where her desire to step out the box and began making cake pops.  She then began to expand in different types of customized creations and treats. Her creations are all unique and individually-planned based on one’s request.  She believes that her creations bring an extra special touch to events.  She is passionate about learning and creating new and fun items especially when it comes to events that are for children. She loves to see the happiness of one’s finished orders especially when they allow her to use her original ideas.  Creativity, fun, and precision are the three top goals she always uses in production.