Chef George Kralle

Chef George Kralle has been in the culinary world for over 35 years. He has worked under many American and European chefs, such as Richard Schneider and Helmut Leuck. Chef George is currently the consulting chef for the Merion and The Arts catering facilities in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. On a daily basis, Chef George is the chef manager for the Cathedral Kitchen, a non-profit soup kitchen located in Camden, NJ. The chef believes in helping those in need by preparing food for those less fortunate; and through the culinary school on the premises, teaching those less fortunate basic culinary skills to prepare for employment in the culinary workforce. Chef George’s work experience consists of the Atlantic City Casinos and other gourmet restaurants and catering facilities. Chef George was supporting sous chef on the popular Food Network show “Dinner Impossible;” he has also made guest appearances on local television and radio programs. Chef George believes in food classics; he prefers to add modern flare to the classics, not to reinvent them. Chef George was awarded Chef of the Year, 2017 by the Professional Chef’s Association of South Jersey. In summary, Chef George, likes to see his patrons have the “wow” effect when they see/eat the dishes he prepares; he also enjoys helping others in any way possible.