Chef Elijah Milligan

Growing up in Philadelphia, PA, Milligan discovered his passion at a very early age, beginning his career in the kitchen at the age of 14, and eventually entering the fine dining world at the age of 17.

At age 20, he began working at the now-closed Le Bec Fin, notoriously known as Philly’s top restaurant for a few decades, under world-renowned chef Georges Perrier. Milligan credits his time spent there for helping develop his intense attention to detail as well as an understanding of the importance of proper technique in cooking.

After its closing, chef Elijah has spent the last several years cooking or consulting behind many restaurant projects on both the east and west coast, including restaurants such as Petit Crenn (S.F.), Stateside (Philadelphia), Angele (Napa), Bottega (Yountville), and Laurel & Vernick both (Philadelphia).

Elijah’s most recent projects include taking over the helm at South Restaurant as well as starting Cooking for the Culture.