Chef Eddie Gallagher

Edward Gallagher III, aka Chef Eddie G, is an American Chef, author, and TV personality born and raised in NYC. He is a 1988 graduate of Johnson & Wales University of Culinary Arts and a seasoned chef in a variety of kitchens around the world. He has owned 5 restaurants and has worked in over 100 kitchens. He cooked at the last 8 Super Bowls for NFL players, alumni and executives. Numerous celebrities have enjoyed his amazing eclectic cuisine.

Chef Eddie G is the author of Cooking Coast2Coast Cuisine and is currently working on a globally inspired cookbook. He spends most of his time traveling and filming indigenous to the areas he visits.

Chef Eddie G performs live culinary demonstrations at over 30 Food & Wine Festivals annually including Food Network and Walt Disney. He is the Executive Chef of Intoxicating Productions, a global culinary event company.

Chef Eddie G recently participated in the The Great Food Truck Race (Food Network Season 9), with the first episode to air Wednesday, July 25 at 8PM EST.

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