Chef Beverles “BJ” Jenkins

Meet Beverles “BJ” Jenkins, creator and owner of Hot Wings on the Run featuring BJ’s Gourmet Sauces and Spices.  Her business is based locally in the Virginia area and was nominated as one of Virginia’s finest.  She has achieved national acclaim through her unique flavors of Regular and Spicy Hot Sauces and Spices.  Fifteen years ago, BJ set out to produce a Buffalo Wing Sauce for herself.  What she got was a whole lot of followers who also loved her sauce as well as her international catering.  After she felt she had saturated the local markets of the Washington Metropolitan area she went on to pursue other markets in other areas and during her first show in New Jersey she was asked to join the Gourmet Shows and Food Network Show partners because they loved her sauces.  She later became known among the celebrity chefs through her international cooking.  BJ also collaborates with former White House Chefs and received high marks for her sauces and dishes at a recent Food Network show.  She also made a smash at the DC Metropolitan Cooking Shows and is completing a book about healthy cooking for Adults and another for Kids Only.
BJ began a 25 year culinary career from mom who was an excellent soul food chef, her family roots from African, Native and Carribean-American but her cuisines reaches around the world with dishes from Asian, African, Carribean, European and even the Middle East. 
She later ventured out into international cuisines after growing up in a culturally-diversed neighborhood “Adams Morgan” and while working at  the World Bank, where she learned even more culinary skills from her friends from around the world. 
BJ was a vegan and studied herbal medicine for years. She learned how to cook and create her own tasty dishes for vegans and non-vegans such as her “BBQ Tofu Burritos” and her “adventurous spirit with soups, salads, appetizers, and ethnic cuisines from around the world. If there is anyone who can prepare a tasty ethnic dish, like back home, she certainly can! She used these dishes to sample gourmet sauces and spices as the customers fell in love with the cuisine along with the sauces.
When BJ is not travelling she enjoys using funds made through her business to benefit local groups such as “Women of Domestic Violence,”, “the Homeless of the Washington Metropolitan area, local farmers from Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, mentoring Elementary, Middle, and High School students living in “High-Risk areas” on Entrepreneurship as well as those transitioning out of the Military.  BJ loves to share her funds to help the community and to spread the good news of hope through her entrepreneurship ventures.