Miriam Novalle

Miriam Novalle is the founder and CEO of T Salon established in 1992. By using her extraordinary skills as a perfumer or “Nose”, she has since been dubbed by New York Times as the “Tea Guru” for her harmonious blends.

Miriam believes in more than building a thriving business; she believes in a business that gives back to the consumers and the community. T Salon has healthy environmental options that educate her customers about the history, art and production of tea, but she also firmly believes in the healing power of tea. Victims of Hurricane Sandy were given T Salon tea as a means to help heal their mental, emotional and spiritual wounds. She served it at the Clinton Coalition for Haiti, Super Saturday for Ovarian Cancer research, the Revlon Run for Breast Cancer Research, and many more. Miriam’s enthusiasm and charisma has brought the healing power of tea to many and continues to showcase the benefits of the rituals of taking the time for tea.

Allow tea to elevate your spirit!