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Taste of Old Country offers premium award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Laconiko) along with other products from the Peloponnese region of Greece, Artisanal Vinegars from Modena, Italy and custom made Gourmet Seasonings and Spices. With direct family ties to the Mediteranean and some of its best producers, the company has carefully selected its product line to ensure that you as a consumer are purchasing the best of the best.  

In fact, our Laconiko, a Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has been voted the past 4 years as one of the best in the world by the largest producer competition, taking place annually in New York, at the New York International Olive Oil Competition, aka the NYIOOC. Laconiko is one of the most awarded Greek EVOO’s at the competition and this year our plain traditional and Olio Nuovo both placed, receiving silver awards.

Our mission and goal at Taste of Old Country is simple, we want to provide you with the best tasting, freshest and highest quality products that will take your taste senses back to our roots or what we call the old country, where everything starts and ends in the kitchen.

KLAUS & BAUDO® smackaroons!

I worked on this recipe for over 8 years to get it absolutely perfect…and I believe that it is. Made with real ingredients by real humans in Philadelphia. Tasty, hearty, and very satisfying. I proudly present smackaroons as an everyday delight to satisfy the indulgent within all of us. For years these have been my go-to treat and I hope it will also become yours! 
xoxo Claudia Baudo, Founder
Rediscover coconut with these one-of-a-kind masterpieces by Klaus & Baudo, Philadelphia. Handcrafted coconut macaroons. Impeccable dark chocolate couverture. Exceptional taste. Real satisfaction. 


We are three sisters (Carole, Sue & Kathy) who not only love each other but love to make people smile and laugh and good food. The three sisters always talked about starting a food business together. Carole, with three cold martini’s (shaken not stirred) told Sue and Kathy that the time for talk was over. She announced, “We’re in our fifties and now is the time for us to do it.” Being full spirited ladies during a rocky economy in 2009 did not scare them, in fact they figured what better time to pursue their dream of working together and decided to introduce Sue’s amazing Amaretto Cake (Liqueur + Cake = Yummm and Fun)!

Full Spirited Flavours was born.