Chef Ree Ree

Sherrie “Chef Ree Ree” Edwards is the owner & Culinary Director of Ree Ree’s Kitchn, where healthy food & Jamaican flavors meet. A woman of God & proud graduate of Howard University, she’s also an accomplished public relations professional with a wealth of experience managing health campaigns & developing communication strategies. A self-professed “foodie,” Sherrie has built a reputation for unique flavor profiles – most of which are inspired by her home country of Jamaica. In 2009 after a series of life changes – a broken marriage, unexpected relocation and a challenging financial portfolio, Sherrie found herself battling depression. Food became her escape and comfort. Through mindless eating, she soon found herself tipping the scale at 215 pounds. A major intervention from a praying mother and friends encouraged her to take her life back in 2011! A major component of that journey was mission BOMBS ON DA FAT! The phrase, coined by Sherrie, became her mantra and a constant reminder of her goal. Her new mission embraced healthy alternatives to meals and a regular workout regimen. She also surrounded herself with healthy lifestyle mentors, fitness gurus and accountability partners to keep her on track. Armed with her knowledge of health and a REE-mixed relationship with food, Sherrie followed her passion and launched Ree Ree’s Kitchn. One healthy ingredient at a time, one plate at a time, one client at a time, she is on a mission to prove that healthy food is yummy.

Sherrie is a frequent guest speaker at cooking demos & events where she educates and empowers audiences about healthy eating consistently advocating taking culinary adventures. She has also appeared on the Rachael Ray Top Ten Recipes Show where she created a healthy take on one of Rachael’s classic recipes.