Chef Natacha Supplice Henry

I Started Icancook2 in 2013 to creates beautiful, upscale Haitian food either for large-scale events, private dinner occasion or lessons taught to eight or more people.

I was inspired to start Icancook2 because I saw a lack of creole restaurants in the fine-dining landscape (or any landscape really) and felt strongly about making Haitian food accessible. Having followed her mother around the kitchen as a child and a teenager, I learned traditional Caribbean cooking techniques and spice combinations. This was the influence for me to continue to expand my culinary repertoire with a variety of courses and exposure to different cooking methods. After a few cooking classes and travel to people house to see how they cook. I decided to put my passion into practice by creating traditional and unique meals.

In order to prepare for my own endeavor, I began by serving friends and family. For every food-centric occasion, I did not only bring food – I brought my own portable kitchen! After several years of learning the ins and outs, picking up tips and tricks to make my system complete – I now have my full ‘kit’ with me at all times.

Here are my present realizations apart from having my own company:

  • Private Chef
  • Tour of “Chefs à Repentigny” in 2013. Canada
  • Proud sponsor of “Les JEUDI D’APOLLO”, where professionals meet and exchange. Canada
  • Creole cooking workshops at IGA. Canada
  • The culinary show at IGA. Canada
  • L’exposition culturelle Musée de la Vie et la Mort de Viktor Tatran. Canada
  • Fondation SoFy don d’Organes Canada
  • Worked closely with the CJE Centre-Nord (Le Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi Centre-Nord). Canada
  • Expo Destination 2014 Canada
  • NYCWFF (New York Wine Food Festival 2014) New York City
  • Montreal au Pluriel radio show Canada
  • SOBEWFF (South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2015) Miami
  • 2014 business women of the year by Apollo l’Agence Canada
  • “La Nuit en Rosé” in NYC
  • I will be part of NYCWFF (New York Wine Food Festival 2014) New York City

My goal is to have the entire world discover creole cuisine, one house at a time. Creole cuisine is an invitation to travel, with its exotic flavors, colors and spices.
Curious and demanding, I feed from all my encounters with extraordinary people like: Eric Sicotte, Sonia Lizotte, Sylvain Delisle, Ricardo, Chuck Hughes, Sunny Anderson, Roger Mooking, Martha Stewart and so many more.

My goal is to show people that eating healthy can be done easily and with a lot of flavors.