Chef Malikah

Malikah was born Sharon N. Scales on October 24, 1971 to the late Robert T. Scales and Carolyn V. Scales. She has one (1) older brother born of the same union Robert T. Scales III. Sharon affectionately known to her friends as Malikah, converted to Islam when she was just 19 years old and believing in La ilaha illallah (none has the right to be worshipped except Allah) and wholeheartedly understanding what the Qadr Allahu Masha Fa’al means (Allah has decreed it and what He willed has happened) is how she chooses to live her life.

Malikah is the owner of Malikah’s Kitchen and Catering. She is the wife of Rasheed S. Miley-Bey, a mother of three (3), a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a friend. Yes, she proudly juggles all of those titles however neither fills the void than that of cooking. Cooking just feels so good!!!!!!!!!!

Malikah has always had a love for cooking ever since she could remember; she has been cooking since she was eight (8) years old thanks to her two (2) grandmothers Marie L. Finney who is now deceased and Jean E. Scales who just celebrated her 100 year anniversary on 10-1-2014 and her mother Carolyn V. Scales.

Malikah is grateful for her southern roots. She has spent numerous summer and winter vacations in Shelby, NC with her Mau-Mau Jean Scales and of course having her maternal grandma living here in Philadelphia she was destined to cook. Malikah can remember the first meal she ever cooked. It was fried chicken, corn, and homemade mashed potatoes. As she reminisces “My mother had me in the kitchen as she always did but this time it was different, I was doing the cooking and my mother was doing the helping. I remembered everything I learned before because I watched her like a hawk I guess you can say that’s when I got the cooking bug”.

Malikah started selling dinners in February of 2014 and enjoyed every second of it. Because of her success and support from her husband Rasheed Miley-Bey, family and friends she is now ready to start the next phase of her life and enjoy it to the fullest. In 2015 Malikah created her delicious homemade lemonades currently she has 12 flavors available. Malikah feels it is the compliments and cheers of her supporters that keep her humbled and motivated. She appreciates it so much. Cooking is Sharon’s passion and she just wants to serve you.

Malikah said if she could give some words of encouragement she would say “Never doubt yourself, you are capable of so much more than you think” and ” it is alright to be confident but always remain humble so that your blessing will continue to grow”.

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