Chef Ben Vozzo

Culinary Resource Specialist 
The Culinary Arts Institute of 
Montgomery County Community College 

Born and raised in Chestnut Hill my passion for food came from my Family, namely my grandmother Judy Intrieri a strong Italian woman and the matriarch of our Family. Her attention to detail and using fresh ingredients, many of which she grew or locally sourced was an inspiration for me. This passion was further fueled by working at the Four Season’s Hotel in Philadelphia under Chef Jean Marie Lacroix when he had that restaurant ranked 20th in the world. I then took my love of history and passion for food and traveled the world, making stops in Italy, France, Spain, the Mediterranean, Pacific islands, Caribbean, Key West to name a few. All the while working and learning about cuisine, ingredients, people, and culture. I have now taken all of my experience and use it to create the next generation of culinary professionals here at the Culinary Arts Institute of Montgomery County Community College.