Chef Ashley Sherman

Executive sous chef at Artsquest Center in Bethlehem, Pa

I have been in kitchens for almost 20 years, and was lucky enough to be a contestant on the reality show Hells Kitchen Season 13! I am currently the executive sous chef for a catering and festival facility in the Lehigh Valley.

From time to time I like to do private catering and at home cooking classes for small groups. Another great part of my life, I am fortunate enough to be involved in are a few annual charity events.  One of which is Michelle’s Place, a wonderful group of people raising funds to lend financial, moral, and other forms of support for those diagnosed with breast cancer. If you would like more information, or to get involved, and/or donate please check out their site at click on my name and share what you can. Just a little advise- Life is the biggest endless buffet! Don’t just fill your belly.. fill your soul! Find your passion, dine with those you love, never give up, and always be kind to others.